Wholesale – INXCY


  Inxcy is not only built to be your personal fashion consultant but to help small businesses to find their places in the local markets, for we do things other online stores wouldn't do.
  We want to build the connections between our website and all the boutique/apparel stores around your neighborhood/the globe, so keep in mind when you walk into a shop featuring items from Inxcy!

 Benefits for our wholesalers: 

1) Customization

2) Exclusive wholesaling offers

4) Access to our factories (if applicable)

5) Free express shipping

6) One-on-one services

7) Sitewide discounts

8) Wholesaler-only marketing tips 

  We might not be the only ones doing an online wholesale business, but we are here to take wholesale to the next level! Take us as your all-in-one supplier now!